The staff
• The staff in our baby rooms have a genuine love for babies
• They will show a real interest in each and every baby
• The staff to child ratio is one to three in the baby room
• Trained in paediatric first aid
• Qualified staff will be trained to level 3
• They will attend regular training updates

The environment
• Brightly coloured with lots of pictures on the walls, mobiles hanging from the ceiling
• Mirrors on the walls
• Child height items of interest
• Separate sleeping area with cots and clean bedding
• Kitchen area for preparing milk feeds and sterilising items
• Play areas arranged around the different activity centres

The routine
There is less organised play in the baby room as babies own routines are followed.

The activities your baby will experience each week will include:
• Singing and nursery rhymes
• Stories
• Treasure baskets
• Floor mats with activity centres
• Rattles, shape sorters, building blocks, peg jigsaws
• Painting, sand and water play
• Jelly, Pasta and foam play
• Outdoor walks, or fresh air in the garden

All toys are monitored for safety and cleanliness

Throughout the year we will link your child’s activities to themes and celebrations, for example Christmas, Chinese New Year and Bonfire Night.