Welcome to Jellytots!

As a parent of two I understand just how important it is for other parents to find the right solution to their own childcare needs. You will need to know that the nursery you choose is secure and welcoming and has approachable, highly trained and motivated child care professionals who love their work. At Jellytots we believe we can provide you with all of these requirements and more.
It is natural for parents to feel anxiety and fear at the thought of leaving their little one’s with another person they don’t know, but here at Jellytots we want to remove that fear by introducing you to our warm, nurturing approach to childcare.
Visitors to Jellytots often comment on our friendly and purposeful atmosphere, we value this and hope that you will too.
After reading the prospectus I hope that you will decide to visit us, our outstanding team will be delighted to welcome you and answer any questions you may have.
We look forward to meeting you soon!